Ethical Policy For Authors


For research articles, authors are also required to state in the methods section whether participants provided informed consent and whether the consent was written or verbal.

Information on informed consent to report individual cases or case series should be included in the manuscript text. A statement is required regarding whether written informed consent for research participant information and images to be published was provided by the research participant(s) or a legally authorized representative.

The journal does not normally require formal ethical review or approval for these activities provided the following criteria are met:

  • The data is completely anonymous with no personal information being collected; (apart from their name, their publically available contact details and a record of consent);
  • The data is not considered to be sensitive or confidential in nature;
  • The issues being researched are not likely to upset or disturb participants;
  • Vulnerable or dependent groups are not included;
  • There is no risk of possible disclosures or reporting obligations.