Review policy

TILTAI is peer-reviewed journal. The review process is strictly confidential. Review process is double blinded.

The peer review process starts once you have submitted your paper to a journal. The reviewers are the ones who test and refine each article before publication. After submission, the paper will be sent for assessment by independent peer-reviewers in field of submited article. Firstly, the purpose of peer review is to evaluate the paper’s quality and suitability for publication. The reviewers are asked to judge the validity, significance, and originality of your work. Each artile is reviewed by two experts; they are mainly external to editorial board of the journal. 

Secondly, we aim to develop peer review as a form of useful source of feedback for authors. The feedback can be used to improve submited paper before it is published. We see a peereview as a collaborative process, where authors engage in a dialogue with peers in their field, and receive constructive support to advance their work.

We will not pass a reviewer's name on to the authors along with the comments. We discourage any attempt on the part of authors to discover the identity of any reviewer or to contact this person directly. We encourage the reviewers to adopt the same policy.