Editorial Board

The Editorial board of TILTAI consists of a group of prominent people in the journal’s publications field from different countries over the world, also, they act as ambassadors for journal. The editorial board is to advise and support the editor, and their functions include:

  • Identifying new topics, advising on direction for the journal—giving feedback on past issues and making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors.
  • Help to identify peer reviewers and provide second opinions on papers (i.e. where there is a conflict between reviewers).
  • Endorse the journal to authors, readers and subscribers and encourage colleagues to submit their best work.

It is particularly important to globalize the editorial board as much as possible to promote the journal across multiple regions, including developing countries. Potential candidates might be recruited from authors or peer reviewers that have worked for the journal or from recommendations by other board members. We see worthwhile nominating people to the board for a period of time, which is renewable depending upon performance and my continue by three-five years. Bellow we provide an up-to-date list of board members, including their particular areas of expertise.

  • Prof. dr. H .p. Arvydas Guogis (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. H. p. Romas Lazutka (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. H. p. Laimutė Žalimienė (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. H. p. Jonas Ruškus (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. Saulius Stanaitis  (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. habil. Vinsas Janušonis (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Doc .dr. Sigita Kraniauskienė (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. Birutė Anužienė (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. Rimantas Stašys Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Doc. dr. Rūta Brazienė (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Doc. dr. Sonata Mačiulskytė ((Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Doc. dr. Alona Rauckienė- Michaelsson((Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. Kyosty Urpanen ( Suomija/Finland), Dr Honoris (Lietuva/Lithuania)

  • Prof. dr. Habil..Helena Tellervo Leino-Kilpi (Suomija/Finland), Dr Honoris (Lietuva/Lithuania)

    Prof. dr. Merja Laitinen (Suomija/Finland),

    Doc. dr. Jonas Christensen ( Švedija/Sweden)

    Prof. dr. Ewa Kurantowicz (Lenkija/Poland)

    Prof. dr. habil. Aneta Ostaszewska (Lenkija/Poland)

    Doc. dr. Emilija Zylkiewicz ( Lenkija/Poland)

    Prof. dr. Juliya Bogoyavlenska (Ukraina/Ukraine)

    Prof. dr. habil.Alan Puur ( Estija/Estonia)

    Doc. dr. Lene Berit Skov Bjerregaard ( Danija, Denmark )

    Doc. dr. Hans Vermeersch ( Belgija/Belgium)

    Prof. dr. Christian Stark (Austrija/Austria)

    Prof. dr. David Harrison ( JAV/ USA)

    Prof. dr. Katie Bonawitz (JAV/ USA)

    Prof. dr. Elsie Yan Chau Wai (Honkongas/ Hong Kong)