Editor in Chief


Prof. Sergej Olenin, research professor in ecology and environmental studies at the Marine Research Institute, Klaipeda University, Lithuania.

His research interests include the processes of transfer and dispersal of species, an adaptation of non-native species to new environmental conditions, functional changes in invaded ecosystems due to invasions, ships’ ballast water management, and the development of biological invasion risk assessment systems.

Prof. Sergej Olenin was leading the Task Group “Non-indigenous species” developing criteria and methodological standards for the Good Ecological Status descriptors for the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive. He is the coordinator and editor-in-chief of AquaNIS, the information system for aquatic non-indigenous and cryptogenic species. He has authored/co-authored over 130 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and co-edited four books and international conference proceedings, including Invasive aquatic species of Europe - distribution, impact and management.