Peer-review process

All manuscripts submitted as articles are double-blind peer reviewed by two reviewers. RES HUMANITARIAE employs a strictly anonymous reviewing process throughout, by which reviewers and authors remain unknown to each other. RES HUMANITARIAE does not publish or disclose in any manner the names of reviewers, and does not share the reviews with any third parties.

1. Submitted scientific articles are reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers, who are selected by the Editorial Board from experts in the field of the author’s research. If the opinions of the two reviewers differ, the article will be sent to a third reviewer
2. Reviewers are appointed confidentially, i.e., the reviewers are not provided with information about the identity of the author, and the author is not given information about the identity of the reviewers.
3. The author must take into account errors indicated by the reviewers of the article, comments concerning the validity of the statements and conclusions, the consistency and completeness of the presentation of the analysis, and other reasoned opinions of the reviewer.
4. The duration of the review process is two or three months after the submission of the article.
5. Publication or rejection of the submitted article is decided on finally by the Editorial Board.