Instructions for Peer-reviewers


Papers published in the journal must meet certain criteria, relating to audience, technical content and presentation. The review form is designed to help reviewers evaluate manuscripts. If revisions are recommended, reviewers should be as specific as possible in describing them, and should indicate what changes are recommended and what are obligatory. If a paper is rejected because it is outside the scope of the journal, reviewers are requested to recommend that the paper be submitted elsewhere. If a paper is considered unpublishable, reviewers should reject it completely. The reviewers are asked to look at the manuscript soon after receiving it, and return their review as soon as possible (but no later than four weeks after receiving the paper). If they cannot meet these terms, other reviewers will be sought. The review should be returned by e-mail to the Editorial Office:

The editors of the journal never disclose to authors the names of reviewers, except with the permission of the reviewer. Reviewers should regard a submitted manuscript as a confidential document. They should not use or disclose unpublished information in a manuscript, except with the permission of the author(s). Since there is no direct communication between the author(s) and the reviewer(s) concerning a manuscript, this permission can only be obtained via the editors.